To gain this award, Scouts must complete the following activities:
1. Hold the Outdoor Challenge.
2. Have spent at least eight nights away as a Scout, four of which must be camping.
3. Take an active part in further camp(s), which should include many of the following:
  • Lead or help to lead a group of Scouts in setting up a well-organised site that includes sleeping tents, food and equipment stores, fire/stove, kitchen and eating area.
  • Plan a balanced menu for a short camp.
  • Show how to use safely an axe and/or a saw.
  • Lead the cooking of a meal for the group.
  • Show knowledge of the safety precautions for the use of lamps and stoves.
  • Cook a backwoods meal with the group.
  • Build a working camp gadget, such as an altar fire, camp oven or a gateway to a campsite.
  • Take a leading role in the construction of a pioneering project.
  • Build a bivouac and sleep in it.
This list gives an idea of the type and style of the activities that the nights away should include.
Depending on the activity there may be extra ideas that could be included, which can be agreed in the Troop forum.

In addition to the above, demonstrate knowledge in emergency aid for the outdoors and be able to:
  • Demonstrate how to open an airway and give CPR.
  • Know how and when to put a patient in the recovery position.
  • Know how to recognise and treat fractures and severe bleeding.
  • Know how to use direct pressure to stop bleeding.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the dangers of temperature extremes such as sunstroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion and hypothermia and know how to prevent and treat them.