To gain this award, Scouts must take an active part in at least two nights away, preferably camping, to include many of the following activities:
  1. Help to pitch and strike your tent.
  2. Light a fire and cook at least one meal using an open fire.
  3. Set up a suitable stove, and prepare a meal using a stove.
  4. Demonstrate personal hygiene.
  5. Keep your belongings organised and tidy within your accommodation.
  6.  Maintain a tidy and orderly site.
  7. Take part in a wide game.
  8. Take part in a campfire or other entertainment.
  9. Build a simple pioneering project.
  10. Build a useful camp gadget.
  11. Explore the environment of your camp.
  12. With others, successfully complete a two hour activity or project.
  13. Provide a service commitment to the site for about an hour.
This list gives an idea of the type and style of the activities that the nights away should include.
Depending on the activity there may be extra ideas that could be included, which can be agreed in the Troop forum.
In addition to the above, demonstrate the following basic emergency aid skills during the nights away experience:
  1. Understand the initial actions to take in the event of an accident.
  2. Understand the importance of getting adult help and when to call the emergency services.
  3. Know how to treat minor cuts, burns and scalds, stings and insect bites.