An aerial runway is a rope slide that stretches between two fixed points, and is angled sufficiently to enable a pulley block to slide down its length using gravity as its only source of propulsion. The aim is to move a person from point A to point B, often over some kind of obstruction, such as a ravine, piece of water, rough ground or similar. The 'rider' will go to the start point, is secured into the seat and then lets the pulley slide down the course of the runway until it reaches its finish point, where the 'rider' dismounts. 

If the intended users construct the runway it will require knowledge of pioneering skills, rope work, teamwork and physical dexterity. The use of the runway provides an exciting activity for young people and adults alike, and has a similar thrill factor to those experienced at theme park rides. 

Often constructed at campsites where the appropriate equipment is available, an aerial runway can be raised on any piece of open ground where suitable anchorage can be found.

A slight variation on the same principles is the bosun's chair which is used to transfer people and equipment across two points that are at the same height, eg between two ships. 

How to run/provide aerial runway

There are 2 ways of running Aerial runway in Scouting. These are: