"The Scout Movement is a world leader in educating youth. Scouting inspires patriotism, sound moral values, courage, character-building, self-reliance and community awareness. It also motivates our young people to achieve their full potential." - Nelson Rolihlala Mandela (1918-2013)

South Africa’s anti apartheid icon, Nobel prize laureate and a great supporter of Scouting, Nelson Mandela
- passed away on 06 December 2013. Scouts from around the world have received this news with great sadness.
Known dearly as Madiba, Nelson Mandela was the Patron of South Africa Scout Association.
Scott Teare, the Secretary General of WOSM said: 
“He is and will remain a great inspiration for all Scouts around the world. Today, over 40 million Scouts join the rest of the world in mourning for this great loss and we pray for his soul to rest in peace.”
Source: www.scout.org