To gain this award, Scouts must complete five activities in total, taken from at least two areas.
Examples are provided below but other similar activities can also be undertaken.

Area 1 - Commitment to the Promise and Scout Law

  1. Explain how you have recently 'done your best' on at least three occasions and how this has made a difference.
  2. Explain to a new Scout in your Troop the meaning of the Scout Promise and Law.
  3. Assist with the planning and take part in an investiture ceremony or similar.
  4. Demonstrate that you can be trusted by taking on a special responsibility on behalf of the Troop. This might involve the management of money, or the Troop's reputation.

Area 2 - Relationship with your God

  1. Take part in a number of acts of worship with others in the Troop, such as Scout Parades at your place of worship, and/ or Scouts' Owns.
  2. Complete a course that furthers your understanding of your own faith community.
  3. Choose and read prayers and/ or reflections for your Troop's opening and closing ceremony.
  4. Hold the My Faith Activity Badge.

Area 3 - The life of the Troop

  1. Take an active part in at least two Troop Forums and express your views on at least one item being discussed.
  2. Contribute to the writing or reviewing of your Troop's 'Code of Conduct.'
  3. Play a full part in at least two Troop Leadership Forums and help to implement a decision of the forum.
  4. Successfully run a learning experience for other Scouts.
  5. Successfully lead a group of Scouts at a two-day camp or other similar event.

Area 4 - Developing beliefs and attitudes

  1. Honestly review an event or activity and decide how it might be done better in the future.
  2. Visit an act of worship of another faith community and compare the traditions and customs with your own.
  3. Investigate a political or world issue, such as climate change, smoking or fair trade, and explain your views on the subject to others.
  4. Take part in a debate on a topic of local or national interest.
  5. As a Scout, give freely of your time to help someone less fortunate than yourself.