Serco sponsor the Scout Environmental Partnership Award. Some great resources are available which include activity ideas that leaders can use to help Scouts gain their badge.
To gain this award, the young person must complete the following requirements:
  1. Identify a partner and a project or activity that relates to the themed area.
  2. Together with those involved, set objectives for what you wish to achieve and plan the project.
  3. Take part and successfully complete the joint activity.
  4. Assess the benefits to those involved.
  5. Award the Partnership Award to those Members taking part.

Time requirement

There is no set time requirement associated with the award. Project Leaders should work with partners to establish a realistic timetable bearing in mind the ages and availability of the sections or partners involved.
Leaders should be guided by the principle that young people should make a significant time contribution, while experiencing new and challenging personal development opportunities, as is appropriate to their age and availability.
For example, Beaver Scouts might undertake one hour per week for four weeks at their Colony meeting, with a two-hour project one Saturday. However, Explorer Scouts might contribute 32 hours over the course of two weekends within the same project.

Example activities

  • Scouts link with young ornithologists to make and set up bird boxes in local woodland
  • Explorer Scouts work with the Waterways Trust on canal restoration project
  • Cub Scouts work with local villagers to clear and renovate a churchyard
  • Explorer Scouts work with a local building contractor to paint a historical mural on the temporary wall surrounding the building site
  • Scouts and Guides design and decorate a float for the local carnival on a local heritage theme.