1. Learn about your Patrol; it's Flag, yell and corner.
  2. Know the General Health rules and practice BP's 6 exercises or Suryanamaskars.
  3. Learn and practice Hand and Whistle signals.
  4. Learn woodcraft signs and follow a track.
  5. Whip the ends of the rope.
  6. Tie and show the uses of:-
    a) Reef Knot
    b) Sheet Bend
    c) Clove hitch
    d) Sheep Shank
    e) Bowline
    f) Fisherman Bend
  7. Participate in Troop games
  8. Practice simple drill
  9. First Aid
    a) Contents of the first aid box
        Demonstrate use of Roller
    b) Roller bandage
    c) Triangular bandage
    d) Collar Sling
    e) Triangular suspension sling
    f) Render first aid for cuts and scratches
  10. Participate in 2 patrol outdoor meetings or a patrol day hike.
  11. Make a gadget or handicraft useful at home.
  12. Adopt for purpose of keeping clean a park or a water-point or a bus stop or any other public spot or a building for  a week.
    Observe for at least a month , a breeding place of mosquitoes/flies and look at its cleanliness.
  13. Participate in any 2 of the following:-
    a) Undertake a nature study project
    b) Discuss with your scoutmaster and render some service on any one of the points of scout law and submit a report.
    c) Visit a Village panchayat/Block development office /Municipal office and learn about the services rendered by one such public organistion and submit a report to your Scoutmaster and submit a report within 10 days.
  14. Maintain a diary of Daily good turn at home for at least a month.