1. Tie and demonstrate the uses of:
    a) Timber Hitch
    b) Rolling Hitch
    c) Marline spike hitch
    d) Figure of eight hitch
    e) Sheer Lashing
    f) Square Lashing
    g) Diagonal Lashing
    h) Demonstrate the use of 4 camp tools
  2. Fire:
    Lay and light a wood fire in the open with not more than 2 match sticks and clean and light a kerosene/gas stove.
  3. Cooking:
    Cook in the open, two simple dishes enough for 2 persons and make tea/coffee for one patrol over wood fire or stove.
  4. Compass:
    a) Demonstrate practical use of compass and know the sixteen points.
    b) Be able to find North by at least two constellations.
    c) Have knowledge of paces, bearings and map sketches.
  5. First Aid:
    a) St.John's sling
    b) Improvised stretcher
    c) Throw a lifeline for 10 mts.
    d) Render First Aid for
        i)  Burns and scalds
        ii) Sprains
        iii) Stings and Bites
        iv) Bleeding from the nose
  6. Satisfy your Scoutmaster about your good behaviour at home and school is good.
  7. Estimate with the help of improvised apparatus, 2 distances/width of not more than 100 mts.
  8. Participate in a Troop Wide Game.
  9. Know and demonstrate Signaling by Morse Code by use of Flag/Disc/Buzzer or Semaphore by Flag.
  10. Qualify for one of the following proficiency badges:-
    a) Cook b) Debator c) Friend to animals d) Gardner e) Handyman f) Cyclist g) Laundrer
  11. Participate in Troop/Patrol sustained activity for a month in your community using Scouting skills
  12. Complete any 2 of the following:-
    a) Collect information on our heritage and culture and prepare a log
    b) Undertake a development project in your school with your patrol in consultation with the head of the institution.
    c) Participate in a social service camp
    d) Serve in a community fair or mela
    e) Discuss with your parents and neighbours about a pollution problem in your locality and make a report of it.
  13. Serve as a Pratham Sopan Scout for atleast nine months.