Nepal Scouts is aspiring to achieve a membership of 60,000 by 2020. This goal is shared by 49 participants who represent 35 districts who are now at the National Headquarters in Kathmandu for the on-going National Strategic Plan Review.
Hon. Member 
of National Planning Commission Dr. Abdul Rahim Mikarani opened the workshop on 16 January, with the Secretary of Youth and Sports Ministry, Mr. Hari Prasad, as a special guest at the opening ceremony. Chief Commissioner Shree Ram Lamichhanne welcomed the participants and overseas staff and gave an overview of the achievements of Nepal Scouts in the past three years.
Among the notable achievements are: increased membership of Nepal Scouts; support of core government personalities to Scouting resulting in a grant of 2.5 million for the current financial year; inclusion in the Sports Ministry budget the construction of 1-2 training centers; and renovation of 2-3 existing headquarter buildings. Other notable achievements are the regular publication and uploading of Scouting bulletins, newspapers, and events on the website; and the improved on-line communication exchanges with 30 districts. This includes the dissemination of information for upcoming events, and the results are apparent with the effective mobilization and success of recent events such as the Youth Forum and various training.
WOSM Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed commended Nepal Scouts for its membership increase, which was recognized at the recent 24th APR Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh. WAGGGS Vice Chairman Ms. Normala Binti Baharudin reminded the participants to keep track of their objectives for their continued success. WAGGGS Development Executive Ms Katiri Ann is also present at the workshop.
APR Director Prassanna Shrivastava is the one facilitating the workshop.