A strategy for Scounting from Durban to Thessaloniki

This document examines Scouting's mission statement and offers a variety of ways of looking at the text. The aim of this document is to help WOSM's national Scout associations around the world to understand, translate and disseminate the mission statement in their own language and culture.

For the first time, the World Scout Conference, meeting in Durban in July 1999, adopted a mission statement for Scouting. The adoption of the mission statement is the latest milestone in the work undertaken by the World Organization of the Scout Movement on the development of a Strategy for Scouting. The statement, which is based on WOSM’s Constitution, is intended to reaffirm Scouting’s role in today’s world.
The Conference also adopted Resolution 3/99 requesting that appropriate follow-up be made at all levels of the Movement to facilitate the implementation of the Mission.