Contains the policy statement adopted by the 32nd World Scout Conference, and relevant background material. The policy defines youth programme, describes the process of programme development, comments on programme delivery, and outlines the responsibilities of national Scout associations and the World Organization of the Scout Movement in this field.

Youth Programme is the totality of what young people do in Scouting (the activities), how it is done (the Scout method) and the reason why it is done (the purpose)
Totality: Youth Programme covers the complete span of a young person's experience in the Movement. It is a progressive process of education and personal development.
What: Youth Programme encompasses all activities in which young people in Scouting take part. They must be attractive and challenging to young people.
How: Youth Programme, fundamentally, uses the Scout method in carrying out its activities.
Why: Youth Programme is the means of achieving the purpose of Scouting, based on its fundamental principles.