A guide to supporting the local actions of children and young people, with special emphasis on girls and young women.

The world’s population is young, with some 2.2 billion people under the age of 18. Children and young people have unique insights into solving problems in their communities, and often play a key role in the survival of their families in the event of natural disaster. We believe that by recognizing the rights and capacities of girls and boys, young women and young men, the challenges posed by climate change can be turned into opportunities for sustainable development.
This guide originates from a lively and ongoing programme of cooperation between The Alliance of Youth CEOs1 and UNICEF. We have joined together with other United Nations and nongovernmental (NGO) partners2 to build on and complement existing initiatives at global, national and local levels. The contributing organizations are committed to supporting children and young people to engage as members of society in ways that acknowledge and respond to gender roles.