Complete all the requirements from one of the following alternatives.

Alternative A - powerboats

  1. Qualify for the RYA Level 1 Powerboat Award.
  2. Carry out a Scout activity as a coxswain of a powered craft (plaining or displacement), demonstrating safe procedures and courtesy to other water users.

Alternative B - narrow boats

  1. Have a general knowledge of the canal system and, using a navigation guide, identify the following:
    1. suitable places to moor and wind
    2. locks, bridges and local hazards
    3. location of water points and sanitary stations
    4. location of shops and telephones
  2. Using a navigation guide, calculate how long it will take to cover a given distance, taking into account both the number of locks and the mileage involved.
  3. Know the safety precautions necessary with regard to:
    1. fire-fighting appliances
    2. 'man overboard' drill
    3. locks
    4. tunnels
  4. Show knowledge of the principles of a marine engine by:
    1. starting and stopping an engine, changing gear and know the effect of transverse thrust with a single screw
    2. recognising fouling of the screw due to weed or rubbish and knowing how to clear it with engine stopped
    3. using the stern grease gland screw
  5. Prepare the boat for service and, with the help of a crew, cast off and leave moorings.
  6. Show an ability to control the boat by:
    1. steering past moored boats
    2. steering past a boat travelling in the opposite direction
    3. steering through a bridge
    4. bringing the boat alongside a bank and mooring up
    5. turning in a winding hole and manoeuvring in confined water, such as a marina
    6. taking the boat through a lock with the help of a crew
    7. stopping the boat quickly using reverse gear. Be aware of the dangers of anything in the water behind the boat.


Reference should be made to the Activity rules in chapter nine of Policy, Organisation and Rules and the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme
If you need help designing alternatives to these requirements for those with special needs please contact the Special Needs Office at Gilwell Park.