Complete the requirements below:
  1. As a member of a group, take part in the following:
    1. an indoor pioneering project, for example, constructing a guided missile launcher or chariot
    2. an outdoor pioneering project, for example, building a monkey bridge, a raft, or parallel or aerial runway*
  2. Demonstrate the following:
    1. a whipping or safe rope sealing
    2. a splice
    3. the correct way to coil and store a rope
    4. the use of simple blocks and tackle
    5. the use of levers to extract objects or move heavy weights
    6. anchorages for firm and soft ground
    7. an understanding of the need for supervision and safety in pioneering projects
  3. Name and tie at least 6 knots and 3 lashings useful in pioneering.


Reference should be made to the Aerial Runway Code (FS120006).
If you need help designing alternatives to these requirements for those with special needs please contact the Special Needs Office at Gilwell Park.