The Entrepreneur Challenge has been developed by The Scout Association in conjunction with Richard Harpin.
The Entrepreneur Challenge aims to develop Scouts’ nature for enterprise through activities which enable them to set up, or create an idea for, a Scouting enterprise or business. Scouts will need to demonstrate an aptitude for understanding the Mind for Business principles.
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On 10 November 2010, Scout Leaders took part in a teleconference with entrepreneur Richard Harpin, who shared why entrepreneurship is important, and how activities can help your Scouts learn entrepreneurial skills.

Listen to the teleconference (starts around 3.30)

Launch of the Entrepreneur Challenge with Chris Evans


These activities can be used to help the Scouts develop their Mind for Business while having fun and being challenged:
You may recognise some of these, and also find that there are other activities that you regularly undertake with Scouts that can be adapted slightly to help develop their Mind for Business.

Other ideas

It doesn’t matter if you choose to use your own activities to help the Scouts complete the Entrepreneur Challenge. It is most important that they can identify what they learn from the activities, and can make the link to how it can be used in a business context.
For some inspiration about activities you could adapt to bring out entrepreneurial learning, look at Scout Games, The Troop Programme Plus, The Troop Programme Plus: Volume 2, Scouts Taking the Lead or Programmes Online
If you have success with your own adaptations, upload them to Programmes Online, so that other leaders can try them.

Completing the Challenge

The badge will be awarded to Scouts for demonstrating a Mind for Business, doing one of the following:
• Create a successful Scouting enterprise as part of a small group
• Create a business idea and present it to a small panel of relevant people (leaders, parents or local business people)
• Present, as a case study, a successful business that they are involved in running