Spirit In Leadership

     The success of any form of training depends upon the Inspiration and personality of the leader. The leader who takes a class in Recreative Training, as applied to Scouting, must naturally be first and foremost a Scout, one who can apply its spirit, principles, and aims. Every exercise in Recreative Training should be linked to some aspect of Scouting. 

     In addition, he must love his job as well as know it inside out. A class is quick to detect whether a leader is genuine and has his heart in his work; if he has, their response will be spontaneous and generous. A leader to inspire must have his heart and soul in what he teaches. There is no greater force in leadership than the force of example. To “click” with his class the leader should be a boy in spirit, a good-hearted elder brother who is out to join in the fun. A boy is full of humour, it is in his make-up. The training should be done in a spirit of good will, zest, and enjoyment; it should be good fun, a jolly recreation done by a jolly fraternity, all out to give of their best. A boy learns with his heart rather than with his brain.

       Remember, the Scout scroll is turned up at the ends like a Scout’s mouth because he does his duty with a smile and willingly. B.-P. says: “The ordinary boy is apt to frown when working hard at Physical Education.”