How can this be done? What are the aims of Recreative Training? Our aims are threefold.
  1. To make a fit mind by giving it suitable expression in Observation, Memory, Intelligence, Alertness, Resource, Initiative, Judgment, Concentration, and Imagination.
  2. To develop the body and make it fitter by increasing its Muscle-tone, Coordination, Balance, Health, Vitality, and all-round Muscular Aptitude.
  3. To create spirit and build up character by carrying out acts of Discipline, Self-effort, Will-power, Endurance, Fortitude, Independence, Good Will, Co-operation, Teamwork and Leadership.
Yes, it is a tall order, and will require some doing, which is only natural. You don’t learn how to play a game by lying in bed and dreaming about it; to achieve success you must practise and practise; the bigger the job, the greater the effort. A danger, and one too common in training, is the tendency to make it too elaborate and scientific and get bewildered in a glare of fanciful theory, so that it fails to find expression in action and finally fades away into an unfulfilled good intention.
        The aims of Recreative Training must be concrete and practical and always kept in view.In our efforts we must be urged on and encouraged in the knowledge that Character and Health are “our two main aims in Scouting”, as they are fundamental to the life and happiness of our people.