Equipment: Ball, Bat, 'Markers'

         The players are divided into two teams, fielders and batters. A field is laid out in a large rectangle with markers at the corners. The batting team sit outside the field in a line.The bowler stands near the middle of the field and throws underarm to the batter, standing at one end. The batter has three ’bowls’ in which to hit the ball. The player may run if they hit the ball, but they must run on the third go whether they have hit the ball or not. As soon as the player runs, the fielding team attempt to throw the ball at him to get him out. If the ball touches the batter he is out. The batter is also out if he runs outside the ’field’. The batter may stop at the other end of the field if they wish, but they only score a run if they can get back to the batting end (if they stop, they must wait until the ball is bowled again before they can run back). If the player makes it back, he may rejoin the line to bat again. Play continues until no one is left at the batting end to bat. When everyone is out, the teams switch positions and start again. Play continues for a set number of innings (fielding/batting turns). The highest scoring team wins

Notes: Fielders must not obstruct or touch the runners, only the ball hitting them can get them out