Equipment: Coloured Wool (to be worn on the arm), 6 cards marked "Destroyer", 4 cards marked "Submarine", 2 cards marked "Battleship"

             This is best played with three or more teams. Each team is given a base which is their naval shipyard. Each player is allowed to take one card from their shipyard to take part in the combat. When they take a card, they also take a length of their teams coloured wool to tie round one arm. A combat area is marked off in the center of the field and combat may only take place within this area. Combat takes place in the following manner, a player will tag a player from an opposing team. Both players then compare their cards as follows:
A battleship takes a destroyer, a destroyer takes a submarine and a submarine takes a battleship. The losing player hands over his piece of wool to the winner and returns to his shipyard for a new piece of wool. Combat can only take place between two players who are each wearing a piece of wool. If both players have craft of equal status such as two submarines then it is an even match and there is no victor, they then have to go and challenge somebody else. A player can exchange ships only at his shipyard when they are getting a new piece of wool. The winning team is the one which has collected the most pieces of wool at the end of the game