Equipment: Plastic Cups, Three Chairs

      The players are divided into two teams and numbered. The two teams stand in a line facing each other. A chair is placed in between the teams, and at either end of the hall. Eight cups are placed on the centre chair. When a number is called, the player from each team with that number has to move the cups, one at a time, to their teams chair. The cups must be standing upright on the chair. The first person to get four cups on the chair and stand back in line scores a point for their team. The cups are left in position, and when the next number is called, the players have to move the cups from the end chairs to the centre chair, until they have four of their cups on the centre chair (yes, they may get a ’headstart’ if the previous person had not managed to get all four cups on their chair, it balances out in the long run though). Play continues until everyone has had a go. The highest scoring team wins.