Equipment: Bean bag or similar

           The players are divided into two equal teams and sit in a line on each side of the hall. Each player is given a number. One team is designated the cops, the other the robbers. A beanbag is placed in the middle of the hall. When their numbers are called, the cop must immediately begin to copy the robbers actions as though he was looking in a mirror. The cop must copy everything the robber does as best he can. The robbers intention is to grab the beanbag in the middle and race to his own side. However, as soon as the robber touches the beanbag the cop is allowed to try to catch him by touching him before he reaches his own side (IF he has already performed all the robbers actions, e.g. he cannot simply skip doing the handstand the robber just performed). If the robber makes it he scores a point, if the cop touches him first the cop’s team scores a point. Play until everyone has had a go, then swap which team are the cop’s and which team are the robber’s and repeat. Highest scoring team wins