To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the requirements below:
  1. Know the rules relating to access to airfields as laid down in Policy, Organisation and Rules and the Scout Association factsheet on parascending.
  2. Take part in a parascending course and be able to:
    1. demonstrate a good landing roll.
    2. be able to put on a harness and adjust it.
    3. assist on more than two occasions as tensiometer reader, observer or log keeper.
  3. Know the main characteristics and different types of parachutes used by parascenders.
  4. Show a basic knowledge of the theory of flight.
  5. Experience at least four parascending flights. (Where a Scout is under 14 years, flights must be taken in tandem, and under the instruction of a BHPA dual qualified instructor.)


Reference should be made to the Activity rules in chapter nine of Policy, Organisation and Rules and the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme
If you need help designing alternatives to these requirements for those with special needs please contact the Special Needs Office at Gilwell Park.
View Paragliding (FS120705) (PDF)