To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the requirements below:
  1. Pick one of the following locations and, with appropriate permission, investigate the wildlife and plants found there. This activity should take at least one day.
    1. woodland
    2. parkland
    3. down land
    4. moor land
    5. seashore or sand dune
    6. hedgerow
    7. roadside verge
    8. stream, river or canal
    9. small pond
    10. wetland
    11. marshland
  2. Tell a knowledgeable adult what has been discovered using field notes, sketches, photographs or maps prepared on site.
  3. Find out more about any one plant, animal or particular wildlife.
  4. Discuss what has been found out, giving sources for information, for example museums, field guides or the internet.
  5. Discuss how human activities or management can affect wildlife.


If you need help designing alternatives to these requirements for those with special needs please contact the Special Needs Office at Gilwell Park.