Information Technology 1

Complete the following:
  1. Show that you can switch on and close down a computer safely.
  2. Show that you know how to use the following:
    • monitor
    • mouse
    • printer
    • DVD Drive
    • Icon
    • Web cam
    • Microphone
    • USB Drive
  3. Use a piece of software of your choice to show that you can produce a poster to show others what you do in Scouting. It should include both text and graphics.
  4. Use a piece of painting software of your choice to produce a simple picture.
  5. Show you can use a piece of software that requires the use of a CD-ROM.

Information Technology 2

Complete the following:
  1. Produce a list of rules for using the internet safely and what dangers can be found on the internet (resource packs are here)
  2. Describe what you would use each of the items listed in Stage 1 for.
  3. Show that you can save a file and open that file at a later date.
  4. Choose two additional activities out of:
    • Access the internet safely, to research a topic of your choice and create a short presentation using the software of your choice
    • Use a digital camera to take some digital photographs and use a piece of software to enhance or alter the original photographs
    • Use a piece of software of your choice to produce a set of matching stationery for an event, eg birthday, place cards, invitations, posters etc
    • Produce a series of newsletters for your section over a three-month period

Information Technology 3

Complete the following:
  1. Show knowledge about the history of the Internet and how it works. Suggest how you think it may be used in the future.
  2. Describe the advantages of using IT compared to manual systems in two of the following:
    • Banking
    • Keeping in touch with friends
    • Shopping
    • Keeping up with the news and weather
    • Research
  3. Using email, demonstrate that you can:
    • send an email
    • reply to a sender
    • reply to more than one sender
    • open an attachment
  4. Explain what computer virus, malware and spyware are, the possible effects and how they can be prevented.
  5. Choose three additional activities out of the following:
    • Use a piece of presentation software (eg Powerpoint) to give a presentation of your choice to an audience.
    • Devise a simple database that could be used by your section for a particular purpose, eg camp records, general records.
    • Produce a local map showing local facilities and places of interest.
    • Describe the environmental impact of a PC
    • Produce a storyboard for a game idea you might have, include any key features and describe how the game is completed/won

Information Technology 4

Complete the following:
  1. Explain to the assessor the laws which concern the copying of software, access to computer systems and storage of personal information.
  2. Create a simple website for your section.
  3. Explain how an IT system is used by a major user, eg a supermarket chain or a bank.
  4. Show how that you have used IT in your daily life over the last six months, eg to research, download music etc.
  5. Explain the following terminology:
    • macros
    • web publishing
    • video conferencing
    • multi-tasking
    • drag and drop
  6. Choose two additional activities out of the following:
    • Evaluate a range of professional websites.
    • Produce a range of information literature on an agreed theme, eg 'how to be more environmentally friendly' - leaflets, posters, fliers etc.
    • Produce a complex database for a specific purpose.
    • Take part in a video conference with a Scout from another part of the world. (An idea opportunity would be Jamboree on The Internet which happens every October)
    • Demonstrate your ability to use a control programme, eg Lego Dacta, LOGO beyond a basic standard.
    • Create a list of social networking sites, list what you use them for and how you use them and the internet safely

Information Technology 5

Complete the following:
  1. Design an integrated system using a number of pieces of software that, for example, a small company would need, such as a database, letters, invoices etc.
  2. Design a website that has a series of pages and which includes links to other sites of a similar nature.
  3. Reflect critically on the impact of IT on your own life and that of others - consider political, social, ethical, economic, moral and legal issues.
  4. Produce an 'internet guide' for children of a younger age.
  5. Produce a list of websites that would interest other Members of The Scout Association in the same section as you.