To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the requirements in one of the following alternatives:

Alternative A - for rural and suburban areas

  1. Show that you know the locality surrounding either your home or Scout Headquarters up to a radius of 2 kilometres in urban districts and 3 kilometres in rural districts. This should include knowledge of the location of many of the following:
    • doctors, veterinary surgeons, dentists, hospitals, ambulance station
    • fire station, police station, garages, shopping centres, retail parks and convenience stores
    • main bus stops, railway stations and routes of buses and trains to surrounding areas
    • local Scout Headquarters, public parks, theatres, sports and leisure complexes, cinemas, places of worship, museums, schools, colleges and local government buildings
    • local routes that give access to the nearest motorway or national routes
  2. Show how to use a street map to point out six locations from requirement 1. From your home or Scout Headquarters, show the quickest route to one of the places.

Alternative B - for urban areas

  1. Have a general knowledge of what parts of the country are served from the local airport, and from the local mainline railway and coach stations.
  2. Know how to reach the local airport, mainline railway and coach stations and major tourist attractions from your Scout Headquarters or home.
  3. Show how to use a map of your district. Use it to point out six examples of places of interest. Show how to get to these places from your Scout Headquarters or home.
  4. Give clear directions to a place of interest eight kilometres away to a person travelling by car or public transport.
  5. Have a knowledge of which major local roads link to the motorway and A-road network, and of the main cities they later serve.


The Troop leadership team may at its discretion vary the area described in requirement 1.
If you need help designing alternatives to these requirements for those with special needs please contact the Special Needs Office at Gilwell Park.