To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the requirements below:


  1. Be able to catch a pony from a field or stable and tack up for riding.
  2. Be able to walk, trot and canter a pony.
  3. Be able to jump over small fences.

Grooming and care

  1. Be able to groom correctly and explain why this is necessary.
  2. Know how to take care of saddlery and other equipment.

Horse health

  1. Understand some of the basic health issues affecting horses, including worming and laminitis.
  2. Show a basic knowledge of grass management to include recognising poisonous plants and the results of overgrazing.


  1. Discuss road safety for riding.
  2. Explain why a hat, body protector and stirrup and other safety equipment is necessary.


If you need help designing alternatives to these requirements for those with special needs please contact the Special Needs Office at Gilwell Park.