Spirit Of Achievement
Every boy feels the power of fitness and realises the need of it when he plays in a vigorous manly game or carries out some tough enterprise. If he is fit his mind works in close co-operation with his muscles; he can think and act quickly, his muscles are responsive and are charged with energy and eager for effort, and above all he has the spirit – the willpower – to stick it.

How do you get fit for a game? 
       By training. Although a game of football may only last an hour, yet you put in many hours of training for it distributed over many weeks. The scheme of training you do is well planned. You adapt it to the game. How? By making a careful study of the qualities of the mind, body, and spirit needed to do well in the game, you make your training as near the real thing as possible. You have the imagination to introduce the atmosphere and the pulse of the game into the exercises; you live in the training by concentrating your thoughts on it. When you finish you feel a glow within you, a spirit of achievement which creates self-confidence and adds to your morale – you
are eager for the game. So it is with Scouting. But Scouting is not confined to a game or single enterprise, it deals with the game of life made up of many enterprises, tough jobs, and hard knocks. Now, one of the most important and worthwhile jobs of a Scout is to make a fit body; it is
his special responsibility, his duty to God and the King. A Scout is just at the age when his body makes the biggest sprint in its development. The body has to be trained and brought in touch with the mind and the spirit created in it during the spring of life. If the body is neglected at this stage of life it cannot be developed later in life. The tree that does not blossom in spring bears no fruit in the autumn.