Where you place your tentage will determine the layout of the rest of the camp to a large extent. Tentage should be placed towards the outer edge of the site if possible (not in the middle of the field!). Choose a flat area, clear of any roots/rocks. Do not place tents right next to trees (especially solitary trees that will attract any lightning!), and be sure to look above as well as around on the floor. Look out for any possible 'deadfalls' from the surrounding trees. Common sense says that no tentage should be placed near the campfire/ chopping area/toilets.

Care should be taken in the relative positions of the tents. No tents should be placed immediately next to the site entrance/exit. Leaders tents should be placed in between the 'scouts' tents and the entrance. If you have more than one leaders tents, then place them at either end of the line of tents. Otherwise all the tents that will be used for 'living/sleeping' should really be placed in the same area, rather than spread around the site.

A first aid tent should be provided for any camp under canvas. This first aid tent must not be used for anything other than first aid, no sleeping/storing etc. It should be clearly marked and a full first aid kit kept inside at all times.

If you have any storage tents you may want to place them closer to the areas where they will be used (e.g. the kitchen area).