Mention has been made of storage tents below. If you do not have a first aid tent, then the storage tent must contain a full first aid kit placed within easy reach by the door. Any items stored in the tent must be off the ground, place on a platform constructed from natural materials or a table.
Storage could also include your own tents. Any clothing/equipment not being used should be neatly stored away in your bag/rucsac and placed within the tent.
During the day, 'store' your sleeping bags and any wet clothes on an airing line. Simply erect two uprights and place a rope between them to hang the items on. This airing line should be at the upward edge of your camp out of the way of all the other areas.
Also during the day, if you have room and the weather permits, pull your groundsheet out of your tent and store to one side to let your tent air, and the ground 'recover'.