Place your chopping area adjacent to your woodpile. The area should be clearly marked and 'roped-off' forming a circle that is at least 2 arm+axe lengths in radius. I would suggest that when you rope the area off that you drive uprights into the ground and run a rope around the perimeter at around 30 cm off the ground. There should be an entrance/exit left for ease of use, and by this should be a post at which the user can leave any loose clothing before they enter the chopping area.

Inside the chopping area you may want to place a log (in which you can store the axe when not in use, although they should have a sheath as well for when the weather turns). A chopping block of some description will really be needed. It is much more comfortable, and safer, to aim your swings at a block that is at a certain height, then at the piece of wood lying on the floor. A simple tree stump or large log turned on its end will normally suffice.