The Scout Uniform Compulsory:
  1. Shirt: A gray color shirt with half sleeves, two patch packets and shoulder strips. (Olive green or navy blue/jersey may be worn over the shirt.) Sleeves may be turned down in cold weather.
  2. Shorts: A navy blue shorts or trousers.
  3. Head dress: A navy blue beret cap with the official badge; a Sikh may wear a turban.
  4. Belt: Brown leather or khakhi web belt with the official buckle of B.S. & G.
  5. Scarf: A triangular scarf of the group color other than yellow, green and purple) approved by the local or District Association with the two sides not less than 70 cms and not more than 80 cms in length.
  6. Membership badge: A cloth badge with green background and the Fleur-de-lis in yellow superimposed by the trefoil with Ashoka Chakra in the center, worn on the middle of the left pocket or at the same place on Jersey/Coat.
  7. Shoulder badge: 8 cms in length and 1.5 cms in width with white background and name of the group in red letters shall be worn on the right shoulder below the seam. 
  8. Shoulder strips: Two shoulder stripes indicating the name of the patrol each 5 cms x 1.5 cms. Each 2 cms apart at the top of the left sleeve immediately below the seam. 
The Scout Uniform Optional:
  1. Stockings or socks: Black of khaki (if stockings) with green garter tabs 1.5 cms visible.
  2. Footwear: Brown or black shoes.
  3. Knife: A Scout knife may be carried on the belt.
  4. Staff: Made of natural wood of such length to be in line with the ear.
  5. World scout badge: Made of cloth may be worn in the middle of the right pocket when in uniform.