1. Demonstrate his interest, practice and proficiency in some form or one of the following:                         a)Graphic Art: Sketching, Painting, Etching, Woodcuts, Linocuts, etc.                                                        b)Decorative Work: Wallpaper design, or woven fabrics, posters, book-jackets, wrought, iron,  etc.                    c)Plastic Art: Modelling in clay, plasticine,designing and making pottery, etc.                                                 d)Carving: Wood, stone or semi-permanent material. Example- Soap.                                                     e)Lettering: Roman Script, etc.
      In no casework is to bew a copy or tracing and the he must be prepared to state on his honour that the work is done entirely by his own hand.

  1. The theme of the art should be something to do with national problems like Conservation, population, education, etc.
  2. Prepare his master piece and keep in his club room or present to a disabled child.
  3. In the presence of the examiner make a sketch for some object, or group of objects, or design selected by him relating to subject chosen in 1.