Equipment: Bucket, Large number of Coloured Balls, Rope

        This is played by two teams. The attacking team are called the rockets and the defending team are called the interceptors. The target area is marked off and the bucket or large tin is placed in the center. Only rockets are allowed to go inside the target area. Up to four interceptors are allowed to hover around the target area. The rockets have a base at which they pick up their warheads. Each rocket can carry only one warhead to the target area. If a rocket is tagged by an interceptor before going inside the target area, they must hand over their warhead and return to their base. 20 warhead units in the bucket or tin will destroy the interceptor target area. All the coloured balls count for 1 warhead unit. The five white balls are special multi warheads and count as 5 warhead units for each white ball. If the interceptor target area is not destroyed after 20 minutes then change over the teams so that everyone has a turn at attacking and defending.

Notes: This game is best played where there is a bit of cover for hiding and creeping up on the target, or at night when visibility is reduced.