The Scout Method is a system of progressive self-education. It is intended to help each young person to use and develop his or her capacities and interests, building on what has already been gained; to find constructive ways of meeting needs at different stages of development; and to open doors to further stages of personal development at the young person’s own pace.
The Scout Method provides an educational framework based upon how young people develop naturally. It provides an environment which responds to their need for action, challenge and adventure; their desire to explore, experiment, and discover; their natural capacity for inventiveness and resourcefulness; the need to feel acknowledged, respected and appreciated as individuals; their need for close supportive relationships; their capacity for idealism and their need to make sense of the world; and so on. 

At the same time, the Scout Method offers a way of life which channels their energy in a way which enables them to experience being autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed straight away, to the extent of their current capacities, while helping them to progressively develop their capacities in these directions in a holistic, balanced and attractive way.