A Personal Code Of Living
By trying to reflect the code of living more often in a young person’s daily life and in the growing number of new situations which a young person encounters, the young person is in fact developing him or herself. As this code of living is based on the principles of Scouting (and thus on the values underlying Scouting), it guides the direction of the young person’s development towards a personal exploration of these values. This code of living is therefore personal, related to each person’s development.

A Collective Code Of Living
In addition to being a personal code of living, the Scout law is also a collective code of living. It therefore serves as the law of a micro-society of young people in which each person has the same rights and duties towards him or herself and others. As the Scout law is the basis on which their small community is founded and operates, the young people are exposed to a way of living with others which is democratic, respectful of each person and which promotes a sense of belonging, sharing, solidarity and cooperation.