As young people have a natural desire for action, challenge and adventure, Scouting channels their energy and provides them with a rich learning environment which encourages them to explore, experiment, discover and thus to develop. Learning by doing stimulates an active  approach to life, encourages young people to be actively involved in everything that affects them, helps them to discover all of their capacities and make constructive use of them, to take charge of their lives, and be actors, not spectators, in their community. The motor which drives the educational experiences is the activities that the young people take part in.
In other words, it is the combination of experiencing a code of living, the difficulties and rewards of responsibility, the joys and tribulations in the relationships that develop with peers and supportive adults, setting and striving to reach personal and collective goals, etc., all woven into progressively challenging activities that they find stimulating and useful that contributes to holistic and balanced development. As the young people develop through a vast range of experiences, opportunities for new and richer experiences come within reach.