1. One great, easy recipe that's always a wonderful meal is the hobo meal. All you need is heavy-duty foil, potatoes, onions, corn, meat, peppers or celery if desired and salt and pepper. If using ground beef, you should make small meatballs. Just put everything in the centre of a piece of foil, pull up the corners like a sack and twist closed. Place on the coals and wait for your meal to cook! No clean up either! Just eat out of the sack - eat with your fingers if it's cool enough.
  2. Using a few corn chips as fire-starters is economical and efficient. Simply light them with a match and toss a few on the campfire or barbecue.
  3. Placing an egg into a plastic bag and then back into the egg carton makes transporting eggs safer. If the shell breaks, the mess stays in the bag. Remove the shell and scramble the egg later.
  4. To make devilled eggs with no mess, put eggs yolks from hard-boiled eggs in plastic sandwich bag. Add remaining ingredients, close bag and mix. When finished cut small tip off corner of bag and squeeze into hollowed egg white, then simply throw away the bag. No mess, no fuss!
  5. Add a few ice cubes to aluminium foil packet dinners or vegetables to prevent them from burning and keep them moist.
  6. Control the flames on a barbecue grill by using a spray bottle of water mixed with 1 teaspoon baking soda.
  7. To cook hamburgers more evenly and avoid the syndrome of well done edges and rare centres, make a tiny hole (about the size of your index finger) in the middle of the burgers. During grilling, the hole in the middle will disappear but the centre will be cooked the same as the edges.