In broad terms, this is one’s responsibility towards everything material that is not oneself. This means:
  • Recognising and taking into account in the way in which one lives one’s life that one is not the only important person on this earth, that each person has rights, feelings, hopes, needs, etc.;
  • Recognising that people are interdependent, i.e. no one can live in isolation from others. Everyone needs relationships with others in order to fulfil themselves as persons and everyone can benefit from the contribution that each person makes to the world. 

Each person, therefore, has a responsibility towards others.This involves:
  • Respecting each person’s dignity.
  • Playing an active and constructive role in society and making a personal contribution to it.
  • Helping out in times of need and defending the defenceless, whether they are one’s next-door  neighbour or whether they live in a very different environment at the other end of the world.
  • Recognising and taking into account, in the way in which one lives one’s life, the integrity of the natural world.