If at all possible you should anchor your ropes to a fixed object such as a ‘big’ tree or rock. However, they are rarely available in the right places so we have to create our own anchors. There are two possibilities the 3-2-1 picket and the picket and log anchor. Both are illustrated below, in each case the pickets should be at least 160cms long and put in position with a sledge hammer or large mallet. If the ground is soft they may need to be longer. The pickets should be set in the ground at 60 degrees and the bindings between pickets should always run from the top of one picket to the bottom of the other.

As a rule of thumb
           Pickets should be positioned in the ground approx. 3 times the height from which the main rope leaves the structure. i.e. if the main rope passes over the sheer legs at 3 metres above the ground then the pickets should be set in the ground 9 meters from the base of the sheer legs. It would be normal practice to fix the rope to a log and picket anchor and fix the pulley assembly to  a 3-2-1 picket anchor.