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Scouting is a worldwide movement working to develop the character and skills of the youth.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chrome Web App For Scouting

Download the Chrome Web App For Scouting Everywhere, and enjoy easy one click access



  • Step 1 - Download the Scouting Everywhere Chrome Web App code (it will be downloaded as a zip file) , given above.

  • Step 2 - Extract the zip file in a folder named 'SE'or anything as your choice.

  • Step 3 - Now go to the Chrome Web Browser, and go to chrome://extensions/ (please type it or copy and paste.) .

  • Step 4 - Select the Developer Mode by clicking in the radio button,  which is positioned at the top of the extensions page. 

  • Step 5 - You will see three options below. Click "Load Unpacked Extension...".

  • Step 6 - Now select the folder 'SE' which has been extracted. Click 'Open'.

  • And that's it, the app is installed in the browser. Now go to the New Tab (chrome://newtab/ ). Your web app is now visible in the new tab page. (navigate to last right slide, because the newly installed app will always be in the last slide.)

NOTE: Make sure that the app is enabled in the browser, by going to the extensions tab and click enabled.
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